iPhone 13 Pro Max WON’T work in Mexico

I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and it WILL NOT work in Mexico. This is insane. I can’t even contact Verizon to get help to fix the issue. My husband has the iPhone 12 Pro Max and has no problems. 

it’s sporadic to work with Wi-Fi. How can it be 2022 and I can’t use my phone. 😡

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Ok all just got back fro Mexico Cancun to Tulum, 8 days and not any sign of service with Verizon. We had three lines all 13pro not one worked. Spent hours with tech, 8 to be exact over several days only to told nothing could be done. Could only chat with them via wifi, no other service. They gave me an 800 number to call, even knowing I could not. Had to spend over $100 for TELCEL Simcards and service to use WhatsApp!  Verizon Denys any issues with service and just told me it was fixed. They want me to go back to Mexico to see if better yet just trust the service that I know failed on our next trip.  What’s the definition of insane? #Verizon?  I just got home 1/25/23 and had no service in the middle of Cancun airport. My friend on iPhone 12 was golden. I asked for a simple enhance on phones at are 2 months old and told no! Beware of iPhone 13pro no international service and beware of a company that doesn’t stand behind it services or products. Stranded in Mexico on and $900 phone, spending $150 a month for nothing. Sound like sounds  a good deal to anyone! Time to go world wide with this one #shareyourpain. Verizon now saying they won’t offer an exchange because Apple hasn’t reported any issues. 

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I have an IPhone 13  which connects to TelCel with no problem and works in Mexico. My husband has a 13Pro Max and it will not not show any bars of service in Mexico. We spent and hour and a half with Verizon technical support and did not get issue resolved. We are here for 3 months and of course he needs to be able to use his phone.

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Lgossdhaenens, we are sad to read that you are having issues with your service! We can not have this happening. We will send aprivatee note to  you in order to follow up this case.