iPhone 13 Pro Trade in FALSE CLAIM by VERIZON
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Verizon kept sending me offers to trade in my 3 year old iphone XR phone for an $800 promotion credit towards an iPhone 13. I finally checked it out and was told after trade-in my cost would be $5.54 per month for a total cost of $189, so I agreed to do it.  When I first received my new phone I called and asked why my monthly bill went from $89 to $119. The agent told me one they received my old phone the bill would really be $95.96 per month. Now they say I have to go to a new plan that is over $30 a month more to actually get the $800. They offered me $400 to stay on my plan. Just beware they are not being very honest or forthcoming when selling you the new phone promotion. I have called and chatted with their agents 3x and each time get different information each time and none of it matches. I have copied and pasted the chats for my records and documented the phone conversation, not that it will help but at least its a record. The real cost of the phone is $28.04 per month for 36 months for a cost of $1009.44. I would have never trade an XR to pay this much for a new phone. 

Re: iPhone 13 Pro Trade in FALSE CLAIM by VERIZON
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We never want you feeling this way and always want you getting the correct promotional amount.  A private message is being sent to assist you further.