iPhone 13 Pro iWatch Face opening BUG

I currently have to iPhone 13 Pros coming soon I hope. I also have iWatch 6 all running latest iOS.

Its all over the internet that there's a bug that will no let you use unlock with watch future.

Are there any of you out there that have gotten you 13 and have iWatch's that could tell me even though that happens will my iWatch still be able to send my heath info to the watch. I really count on this to track for my doctor. I hope there's someone out there that has both th 13 iPhone and iWatch that can reassure me the health info still goes to the phone.

Hope I could get some responses on this because I still have time to cancel the phones.

I also called Apple Tech Support and they wouldn't even acknowledge the bug even though its on there site and said they can't tell me if the health info is going to work.

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