iPhone 13 Promo Problems
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I am very frustrated with Verizon and their customer service (or lack thereof). I was offered the iPhone 13 free promo deal (w/ device trade-in) in the Verizon app. I ordered the iPhone 13 through the Verizon app. While I was waiting to receive my phone, my brother contacted me to let me know that he was trying to get the same deal at a Verizon store (he has the same plan and phone as me to trade-in). He was told at the Verizon store that he would get $400 (w/ device trade-in) towards an iPhone 13 instead of a free iPhone 13 (w/ device trade-in). The Verizon store told him this was due to us being on the Start unlimited plan instead of the Play Unlimited or other "premium" plans. Well my iPhone 13 that I already had ordered arrived but I didn't want to be charged any extra fees or not get the full deal promised to me by Verizon, so I contacted Verizon. Sure enough, Verizon said we don't know why you were offered that deal but you have to upgrade your plan to get the deal. I told them I have no interest in a more "premium" plan and I am not going to pay more money for a deal that was offered to me. So now I have to return the iPhone 13. 


To summarize: Verizon promised me a deal that they then said I would have to upgrade my plan to receive the deal. I am a busy student who doesn't have extra money to spend on a more premium plan that I don't need and I also don't have time to waste talking to Verizon customer service reps to settle all of this nonsense and go through the process to return the phone. I completely understand that the Verizon app probably offered this deal to me by mistake or a technical glitch, but Verizon should own their mistake and let a long tenured customer receive the deal they were promised. I am very likely to switch providers because of this and a laundry list of other customer service and promotional deals that have gone awry with Verizon. Verizon, you need to do better! 

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Re: iPhone 13 Promo Problems
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I was also offered this deal. Only I ended up upgrading my line to the play unlimited to qualify for the promotion but  they only ended up giving me 190 for my trade in. My iPhone 11 was in great condition. I read all the fine print and still didn’t get the credit I was promised. I’ve tried calling several times and no one can tell me why I didn’t get the credit. I’ll be looking for a new provider very soon if this how Verizon does business.

Re: iPhone 13 Promo Problems
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I was offered a free iPhone 13 mini for each line I switched over from T-Mobile. Needless to say it was all a lie and I am paying for four brand new phones even though my phones we had were all paid off and good!

This seems like common practice for Verizon.