iPhone 13 pro max
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Unfortunately I was on the short end of a glitch. When my phone was to ship out on Oct 15th. Verizon sent me a mail that my order was on hold and asked me to update the payment. When I tried to update my payment it said me an error “Max order read limit” and I contacted the customer care and they said some of the customers are facing the similar issue and transferred me to the telesales.

The telesales said my order got stuck in the middle and their best solution was to cancel and reorder. She told me that she is going to fill the jump the line form and the phone will be shipped by Oct 22nd. 

when I checked the my Verizon app yesterday the estimated ship date was showing as Dec 3rd and I contacted customer care and they said there is no such jump the line form and I have to wait till Dec 3rd. Why I should wait this long for a glitch on the Verizon website? This is so frustrating @vzw_customer_support 

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