iPhone 14 Pro Max Can't get message from Android
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I have spent about 7 hours and multiple calls and chats trying to get my phone to work. I was patient in dealing with everyone, and now it's just frustrating. Verizon had me go through hoops to trouble shoot.  I told them I could get message from anyone but iPhone users.  They said since we can't verify you, go to a store.  I did that, and because I'm not buying a new product they want to brush me off as quickly as possible.  The salesman told the other employee I wasn't a "sale".  He changed my eSIM card and told me there is nothing else I can do for you, call Apple.  I spent this week going through all of their "testing" and they said everything on their end it good after running analytics on the phone.  I tried Verizon chat yet again, and this time the rep (Joy) was rude and condescending.  She told me things would go much better if I followed directions and went to the store.  I asked for a manager and she ignored me for 15 minutes to the reiterate the she had already instructed me to go to the store. It was another 10 minutes before she said she was messaging him but he wasn't available.  2 weeks later and probably 10 hours later...my phone is still not able to receive messages from android or any other device that is not an Apple product.  Very disheartening after I have been with Verizon for years and I pay about $120 a month for service on 1 line. What burns the most is the employees who are there because of us the customer don't care.

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