iPhone 14 Pro loses mobile data connectivity
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I just got the 14 Pro a few days ago.  When I'm at home my phone is connected to Wifi.  When I leave my house I sometimes find that the phone will connect to 5G or LTE but I am unable to access any data (websites and apps don't work).  It seems that there is some kind of problem handing off from wifi to mobile.  At that point the only way to fix the problem is to restart the phone.  Has anyone else seen this with the 14 Pro?

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Re: iPhone 14 Pro loses mobile data connectivity
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ansky201, we always want to ensure everything with your device is working as it should be. Is this just occurring when you leave your home Wi-Fi or any other Wi-Fi connection as well (ex: work., school, etc)? Do you see any issues with calls or texts when the issue occurs or just with data (apps/browser)?