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iPhone 4s not receiving non-iMessages

Hi all--

I received my iPhone in May of last year, and I have always had an issue with it not receiving texts that don't come from iPhones.  The problem only occurs in Madison, WI (may happen other places, but I haven't traveled much with it), but it works normally when I'm home in New York.  I will receive these texts hours after they are sent to me, unless I make a phone call.  I have tried doing the *228 option 2 thing (updating roaming), and that does not work.  I haven't really been able to find anyone who is having a similar issue, so does anyone have any suggestions/ideas for something that might help?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: iPhone 4s not receiving non-iMessages
Specialist - Level 1

If you are cutting your data off to keep from going over your limit you will not recieve text messages or voicemail notifications while you are on wifi with it off

Re: iPhone 4s not receiving non-iMessages

HELP okay so im new to this but... i just blocked up to 3 people with the free safeguard blocking messages and calls from diffent numbers lets say people harresing me... so for awhile i thnk the blocking worked... then i turned on wifi just barely to check my email and boom i got imessages from the blocked people??... that is not cool i thought the safeguard blocked that number for good? so now the rude people can still get threw from imessage i know how to turn that stuff off but when i turn it on there messages will just come threw like they were never blocked so should i just keep data wifi and imeesage off? please let me know i thought imessage was only if you and your friend had a iphone or ipad or just imeesage only works threw iphones... clearly not sense i know the people cant even afford a iphone, i work hard and all i have is creepers bothering me now and i need it to stop or i can go to the cops and im sure they can block better then verizon makes you woonder if verizon asctually blocks the number or just stops it from coming threw cause soon as you use wifi the calls and messags and email come threw why is that? when i just blocked them on verizon safeguard....... makes no sense to me please let me know

Re: iPhone 4s not receiving non-iMessages

iMessage is an Apple service, not a Verizon service. Your iMessage ID is your Apple ID and has nothing to do with your phone #, therefore blocking a phone # will not block iMessages since they are coming from an Apple ID, not a phone #.

I don't have a lot experience with iMessage, so I am unsure if there is a way to block certain people from sending you iMessages. You may want to check THIS to see if it works.

Re: iPhone 4s not receiving non-iMessages
Customer Service Rep

Hey StamFulton!

For a lot of us, text messages are the only form of communication that we go by these days. With that said, let's get you back in the loop with texts coming through on time. Now, Madison should be receiving great coverage with us. Of course, your exactly location in Madison is the variable here and you can verify expectations using our coverage map . Another thing I recommend doing is deleting out old messaging theads. Also, try force closing the app itself. To do this, press your home button twice (you'll notice open apps appear on the bottom), find the messaging app, hold, click to close. Please let me know how this works!

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