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iPhone 5 Early Termination and Account Transfer
Enthusiast - Level 2

My wife and I both have VZW grandfathered unlimited data plans and want to keep it that way. So here is my grand scheme:

We buy two iPhone 5s on a completely new account and two year agreement ($398).  We immediately turn around and close the account(s) and pay the early termination charges ($700).  Bam!  We just automatically saved $200. Right?

So tell me if anyone sees a whole in my dastardly plan.

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Re: iPhone 5 Early Termination and Account Transfer
Master - Level 1

I guess my thought is if you are truly opening a new account (for instance in your wifes name) then you are not including the following.

$70           Activation fees     $35/line (x 2)

$130         First months bill Share Everything plan (one month would be the minimum I would think they would

                charge). (2 smartphones @ $40 ea + 1GB data $50)

There is your $200 dollar savings.  On the other hand, you will save some on sales tax using your method (unless you live in California or another state that charges sales tax based on full retail price).

Good luck.

Re: iPhone 5 Early Termination and Account Transfer

well you're putting out $1100 + tax & other fees to save $200 over 2 years.

Re: iPhone 5 Early Termination and Account Transfer
Specialist - Level 2

If you terminate them within 14 days your going to give your phone back.

You have to wait 30 days to cancel. And it might hurt you if you do this again because Verizon keeps a record of all changes like canceling a line within so many days because say next year you do this again for iPhone 6 or another phone they could say well you just cancelled a line why do you need another 1.

When you cancel you have 30 days to pay for the fee. If you can't affairs that you would need to make a payment araingement.

If you use a new account from a different person and put it on your line you can't add insurance to your phone.