iPhone 8 SIM compatibility with iPhone 11?
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Hi all.  My son and I both had iPhone 8s on the same multi-line account with Verizon.  He upgraded to the 11 but decided he didn't like the feel of the larger phone so we moved the 11's SIM card back to his iPhone 8 and everything worked and is still working, just fine.  

We moved my 8's SIM card to the 11 and it appeared that everything worked perfectly.  In fact, everything does work perfectly except for the Apple MAPS app and the apps that access it like Find My Phone, TILE, etc -- there is no map, just the gridlines with a blue dot showing location.  

Find My Phone shows the devices but says "No address available" and address searches finds no address and trying to route to pre-existing locations results in a "No routing information" response.

Location services is turned on, Cellular Data, WiFi and BT are turned on and permission to access location services is on MAPS.  Google Maps and WAZE both work fine with all the map data.

Does anyone know if there is an upwards compatibility issue with the SIM between the 8 and the 11?  Clearly there's no reverse compatibility issue.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.

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