iPhone Promotional Credit Never Applied to 3 lines

I switched to Verizon back in November of 2020.  When I switched I traded in 3 iphone XR's and 1 iphone SE and also purchased 2 apple watches.  From the very beginning of this transaction it has been a nightmare with Verizon.  Requiring hours on the phone call to even get the original order to go through correctly.

After I got the order to go through correctly. I traded in the 4 iphones for iphone 12's along with trading in apple watches for Apple Watch SE's + cellular.  The promotion that I was supposed to receive was supposed to be a gift card + promo credit (550 dollars, I beleive).  The ironic piece is I received the gift card, but never received the promo credit on 2 of my lines and 1 of my apple watches.  

I have reached out to customer support at least a dozen times trying to get this resolved.  Which involves submitting paperwork and giving tracking numbers from trade ins, etc... Needless to say the hours spent on the phone talking to both customer service and the trade in department does no good at all because this still isn't resolved after almost 2 YEARS!  I get a response that we will call you back in 7-10 days.  This has been said multiple times and I have yet to ever get a call from Verizon.  I have to call every 2 months to see whats going on and get told the same thing over and over. 

Response:  "Denied, This is outside of the promotional period".  Of course it is.  This happened 2 years ago and was submitted 2 years ago, not now.  

The credits amount to ~$1,200 that Verizon owes me (credits were never applied, so I was paying monthly for these phones and apple watch the entire time).  I am very frustrated with Verizon and would advise against anyone trading in their iPhones and expecting to get anything resolved if an issue happens.  

For clarification I am on the appropriate plans and always have.  (5G Play more and 5G Do More) and both apple watches have maintained cellular service throughout.  My bill shows the promotional credit for 2 lines and 1 apple watch.  I have been missing the credit on 2 other lines and 1 other apple watch, since my service started.

Why would I upgrade with Verizon again?  I don't think anyone that had to deal with the mess I have would be sticking with Verizon for 30 months to receive an upgrade promotion.  


Re: iPhone Promotional Credit Never Applied to 3 lines
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I have had similar frustrations with my 4 trade ins.   It’s hard to tell if this is intentional by Verizon or just complete incompetence.   

I found the following information on Reddit for escalating concerns:

Avoid more endless waste of your time and patience, and get Verizon's attention with a Notice of Dispute and FCC and FTC and state consumer protection complaints (you can basically just rehash this post, though more polished, and paste the content into each complaint):





(Remember, it's cheap for them to waste your time with some low level "customer service" rep. But when your complaint takes up the time of their lawyers and regulatory people, then you're eating up actual money of theirs.)

That will escalate the issue to the right people.

And if that doesn't fix it and give you the opportunity to trade in your old device as agreed, then you can escalate it to a small claims court filing.


Re: iPhone Promotional Credit Never Applied to 3 lines
Customer Service Rep

Thank you so much Jenn for bringing this problem about the trade-ins and experience to us, that's definitely not the way we want you to feel about us. We appreciate your feedback and will be happy to help with your Verizon service. Please DM me, so we can address all your concerns.