iPhone SE 202 Not Receiving Emergency Alerts

I live in rural California and my iPhone SE 202 stopped receiving emergency alerts.

I have chatted with Verizon Support and have done the following:

  • Spent too much time talking with Verizon customer service without getting a resolution.
  • Double checked that all of the alerts are on in Settings>Notifications>Government Alerts. AMBER Alerts, Public Safety Alerts, Emergency Alerts, and Always Deliver are toggled on.
  • My phone IS NOT in Airplane Mode.
  • My e911 address is correct.
  • I am receiving other alerts, like Twitter, messages, and missed phone calls.
  • I have sufficient LTE and WiFi coverage in my home.
  • I have reset the phone entirely.

Unfortunately, it's not like you can check if this works immediately. You have to wait for an alert.

Now, here's where it gets bizarre.

I have an old iPhone 6S that was my previous phone. I use it for music and audiobooks because it has a headphone jack. The 6S does not have a SIM card and is connected to my home WiFi. (My SE is also connected to this WiFi when I'm at home.)

My old phone IS receiving emergency alerts.

Currently, there are two wildfires in the area that have generated evacuation notices for the surrounding area and I've been alerted to the evacuations through the Emergency Alert System on my old iPhone 6S, as shown below. But I really need to get these working on the phone I carry with me all the time.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: iPhone SE 202 Not Receiving Emergency Alerts
Customer Service Rep

We understand needing to get those essential Emergency Alerts, TwistyCat. To help ensure your new phone is working properly, it would be best to try testing the alerts. Please see the page below for details on this with your iPhone.