iPhone X transfer to new iphone 11

Made a rookie mistake and thought iphone X was backuped automatically on icloud, then activated and transferred iphone X to iphone 11 only to find out contact, text and variety of things didn't transfer. How do i get the iphone X to transfer to iphone 11 after they disconnected my cellular activation on iphone X. I still have wifi and phone still comes on but can't call out. Any help??

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Easy! As long as you didn't wipe your phone X, you can still do this.

  1. Plug the X into your computer and do a backup using iTunes. (You can do via iCloud, but not everything comes across.)
  2. Reset your iPhone 11 (assuming you're using a physical SIM and not eSIM)
  3. Plug the iPhone 11 into your computer and launch iTunes.
  4. When the phone comes up, keep going until iTunes asks what you want to do with the phone.
  5. Select restore from backup and choose the backup you just made from the old X.
  6. Done.

Your number and SIM will still be functional so there's no loss of service. Good luck!