iPhone XR community specific ?? For IPhone XR? And MyVerizon app no community to ask just a automated app that you end up with support person
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But am pretty fed up with Verizon and issues since day 1 since I brought my Apple store paid IPhone XR and IPad Air . 
My messages were encrypted while on message with Verizon but somehow the green disappeared and I ?? It but was on phone and message. Trying to get my iphone secure, well I was SIM swapped and Apple replaced my iPhone but I still can not believe I am having issues with text, messages not encrypted and scam texts stating they are Verizon ? I do not open them up but some thing is wrong as I can not turn on encryption by default or sign under S/MIME, it was on and ? Or how turned off but it will not click on also under settings iMessages am I suppose to have 2 address with my info  and Certificates there is Trust store version with a lot numbers and Trust Assests 7 . But no way to download or do any thing  last setting FaceTime 2 same address caller ID and My Card I think is 2 cards , How did this get so messed up 
Mail  settings iCloud SMTP by Apple token and server port 587. Is this correct !! 
Apple ID ICloud settings :Look me up and Me have nothing listed! Shouldn’t something be listed ? 

My Verizon app why do I not have this community forum , I had to enroll separately. 

I have been just diagnosed with metastatic cancer so my brain is foggy and my pain   I need quick replies with the correct info
Verizon does not have 2 auth encryption? The latest encryption security for customers as I all saw was “Business Enterprise “ only where they can browse privately and transactions are secure. I was really shocked that Verizon has put security at the bottom of list instead they offer this and that add on but then you find out you are charged a monthly fee like on my 1st bill $377 for 1 iPhone XR and wireless terminal $20 mo lan line , it took several calls to get the extra charges taken off as they were not authorized by me in the 1st place . 
Now I have 3 devices: IPhone XR  has 55 old people plan but could not get WiFi for Apple updates And Verizon Reps told me I would have to go to a friends home and use there WiFi to get my Apple updates or a city building like library ?? so I dug out my old Verizon Jetpack 890L-E0D1 and got a plan for WiFi unlimited but then I was told I would  have to get a more expensive plan to get WiFi unlimited so I did but why am I receiving messages from Verizon with different numbers and always a +90 before a bunch numbers and recent one said I wa given 15GB data from 3.25-4.30 and contact m.vzw.com/coronavirus with phone +90 (009) 000 57 32 . 
isn’t there codes to call to report scam fraud text message and what are all codes also Apple said my carrier is responsible for non secure messages and I also never get Verizon carrier updates my current Verizon cell carrier version 41..1 and about states IPhone 




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