iPhone XR dropping data

I have been with Verizon Wireless for one week today. Daily, I've had to call tech support for 1-2 hours at a time to get the data on our devices working again. We have 2 iPhone XRs and a jet pack. Data on all devices stop working at the same time. 


I have been told a variety of things, most recently this afternoon was "they're working on cell service in your area. This ticket has been open since August 19th, I have no idea when they're going to resolve the issue".  


The things we try daily, before calling tech support, that do not work are:

- Restarting the devices

- Resetting the network settings from the settings menu

- Toggling on/off airplane mode

- Ensuring data roaming is enabled

- Ensuring wifi is disabled

- Removing the sim card and putting it back in while the phone is powered off


None of the above work. It takes troubleshooting with Verizon Wireless and 1-2 hours on the phone every day to get data back up on the phones. This is insane. Has anyone experienced this/figured out a way to fix it on their own? Surely everyone in my area is not experiencing this same problem. There has to be an actual solution. 

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Re: iPhone XR dropping data

Do a software reboot.