iPhone XS Max slow connection speed on LTE
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I have a an XS max and my girlfriend has an 11 pro max. We both experience slow internet speeds, dropped calls, delayed texts and issues accessing pictures from the cloud. All of this is occurs on LTE, in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I’m annoyed because I’ve spent over two grand on these phones and over $200 a month in service! I’ve been with Verizon for over ten years. This is absolutely maddening. Please, someone, give me some insight into this. We can’t be the only ones living with this. 

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Re: iPhone XS Max slow connection speed on LTE
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Having devices that you can rely on and use wherever you go is a must. Let's work together and ensure you can continue to stay connected at all times. When did you start having trouble? Does this usually happen is a specific area?