iPhone and android group chats
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This has been an ongoing issue since I’ve started my account with Verizon in January of 2020. My number was ported in and I purchased the iPhone 11 Pro, a year later upgraded to the 12 pro and now I have the 13 pro. 
i have messaged Verizon and apple countless times and here’s my deal. This only happens when I am added to a group chat or when I start my own group chat with a mix of iPhones and android users. 
Everyone gets my messages, and I don’t get most of the replies in those chats. 
i will be in a group chat and not even know until I get one or even just two random messages from one person. Verizon sends me to another tier of customer support and 100 percent of the time never calls me back. 
I don’t know what to do or how to even fix this. I’ve asked if even just changing my number would help and one rep told me once it’s probably an account issue so changing the number wouldn’t fix the problem. Does anyone have any input? Should I open another account with a new number with another carrier? I live in the city so coverage is generally great with all. 
i am stuck and frustrated because if the money I pay monthly for a service that doesn’t fit all of my needs. I miss plenty of important work and personal updates because of this and it’s very hard to ask everyone to just download another app. 
i also want to add that I have the Verizon messages plus app downloaded to my phone and I only use it to check to see if maybe I get all the group texts and it’s the same there. 
i only receive one or two random messages after the thread has been created without my knowledge. If any of this is confusing, I’d be happy to clarify. 

thanks, a frustrated customer.