iPhone keeps losing network and tier 3 support not helping
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Hello everyone. I have an iPhone 12 pro that I purchased directly from Verizon. I upgraded from an 11 and I never had this issue. My phone keeps jumping off of the network. It looks like it’s on the network but it doesn’t ring when someone calls. After five rings they get voicemail  and it’s intermittent. To fix it, I either have to have Verizon reprovision the phone, turn airplane mode on and off or do a network settings refresh, or sometimes all three.

This has been going on for four weeks. I have a support ticket and there so far has been no solution and support is of absolutely no help. It’s impossible to reach anyone that actually knows what to do here. It’s  an intermittent problem.

I have to have Alexa call my phone every hour just to make sure my phone is still working! I’m hoping some more senior engineers check this group and can possibly help me. My business is suffering, I can’t take my student calls and I’ve missed important calls from the bank. About ready to give up on Verizon. help!! 

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