iPhone, texting from PC/Web and Text history
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There are 2 posts I have about Verizon Message+ and transferring text from one phone to one phone.  


I have 2 requirements:

1. Text from PC/Web

2. Save all the text when annual upgrade the iPhone


I was using Verizon Message+.  The problem is, there is no tool to backup all Text that send out using Message+.  When I upgrade the phone, it restore back 90 days for iPhone only.  


I was looking for solution for 2+ weeks now.  Finally, I found a solution that solve what I'm trying to do (look at 2 requirements).  


1. I still use Message+ but just READ-ONLY view only.  I don't send out text from there.

2. I use "Dell Mobile Connect" which connect back to my phone thru Bluetooth and send out the text.  If your PC doesn't have Bluetooth, you can buy a USB-Bluetooth dongle for $10 or so.

3.  Those 3 articles show how to install the "Dell Bluetooth Mobile Connect".  You don't need a DELL PC.  The 3rd link shows how to fool the installer that it is a DELL PC.  Use "Dell_XPS".