iPhone trade-in

I upgraded my iPhone 5 to a iPhone 6 this summer at a Verizon store with a customer representative. When I upgraded he took my phone and said I would be receiving the full $200 for the trade-in. That was in July.

Fast forward to now, October 2015, I have still not received my credit and now the store is saying they have no record of the transaction. I have spent ridiculous amounts of time in the store, calling and being told by the store manager that he would absolutely call me back and get me the full trade-in value of $200.

Overall, I have been trusting and not trying to be overbearing as I am sure many requests come in every day. At this point, I am fed up ESPECIALLY because the people who are managing your stores are blatantly lying to my face and saying they will get me solutions and call me back and they have yet to follow-up with me once.

I get it, you are a big company and do not have to cater to every single person but this is ridiculous and heinous.

I would like to get my full trade-in value for my iPhone 5 and have the issue resolved. Has anyone had this same issue and was it ever resolved?

In the meantime, I will be posting on Yelp and any other review site about the disrespectful service I have received the last couple months. Even after looking up reviews in relation to the specific store I have been dealing with and Verizon as a whole, I am disappointed.


Looking for answers/solutions.

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Re: iPhone trade-in
Customer Service Rep

Hi BOS1234!

I apologize for the confusion surrounding your trade-in and I'm here to help! as a consumer I know conflicting information can be frustrating. Let's get to the bottom of this once and for all. I will be sending you a Private Message momentarily.

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