iPhone11 - reception issues since update
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I recently got the iphone 11.  My reception is horrible ever since the 14.0 update even though the service map says it should be strong.  I tried Wi-Fi calling and my call drop every time.  I turn it off and my reception goes bad.  I even had my Wi-Fi company come out and look at my connection and they assured me that this issues is not theirs.  Verizon swapped out my brand new phone for a refurbished one...same problem nothing changed.

Every operator I get transfers me.  I keep thinking I have someone who can help, and the next thing I know I am being transferred.  I am beginning to think the only thing i can do to resolve this issue is switch carries.


Anyone else have this type of issue?

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Re: iPhone11 Pro - dropping calls

I've been a Verizon customer for over 20 years and since the upgrade I am unable to complete a call from my home without being dropped multiple times. After being on with a very nice customer service rep for nearly an hour, we thought we had the problem resolved only to find out the problem still exists. I hate to say, it's time to move away from Verizon. Working from home with no phone isn't an option these days.