international calling charges on whatsap

I called into Verizon on January 11th upon returning from a trip overseas. I spoke with Nicole in Financial Services who informed me that we had an enormous amount of international calling charges. I explained that these calls were made over Wifi on Whatsap and that I was under the impression these calls were free as they were under wifi. She informed me that If I got the International plan for $70.00 my bill would be greatly reduced from the calling charges of $1554.00 to $230.00. She then said that I could speak with a Supervisor to see if they could waive the charges. I was transferred to Joey Zapata. We spoke about the calls made under wifi using Whatsap. He assured me that he would credit the international calls. He sent me a text to confirm this statement which was received the same day. This text stated, VZW Supervisor Joey approval for credit if international charges appear on Billing approved 1/11/20. On my February bill, Verizon took the $1554.00 plus the $70.00 for the international calling plan and the normal charges out of my checking account in the amount of $1925.35. I have called in numerous times and have spoken with different supervisors that have said they would get ahold of Joey Zapata and get this resolved. I spoke to Anna who made the same promise but I’ve yet to hear back from her. 

Today I spoke with Future who suggested I contact corporate.

Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

Re: international calling charges on whatsap
Customer Service Rep

mugshel007, we hope your travels in January had gone well. We can understand how alarming it can be to come home to a higher bill after you have been away. We would like the opportunity to further investigate the details of your concern. Can you please clarify if you were making Wi-Fi Calls to international phone numbers? Or were you calling numbers to the US?


We have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to that message? Thank you.