iphone 13 pro sent back

I ordered a new iPhone 13 pro September 24th. On the verizon app/website it says it was delivered to my address, but I wasn’t there when it was and therefore couldn’t sign for it and it was sent back to verizon. The ups tracking number on the website confirms this, but it still says delivered on the Verizon website. I do not have the phone, and currently still am going to receive the charges for the new phone on my bill every month. I called verizon and they said it should be processed by the warehouse and returned within 7-9 business days of being returned to the warehouse, but it’s been 9 days and I still have not received an email or refund for the phone. I am frustrated because I would like to just have it returned so I can buy a new phone but I don’t want to continue to pay for two phones. Verizon customer service is not being helpful and I’m just getting stuck on hold for ages.

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