iphone 13 promo failure

I traded in my iphone xr for the preorder promo on iphone 13.  This whole process has been a mess.  phone was delayed in shipping because of fedex issues.  after receiving phone and shipping old phone in I did not get my promo credit.  I tried calling support and using chat which that process is worthless.   They said it was because I brought my own phone, which I did not.  I after several hours of trying to tell chat support of my issue they game me a number to call to explain situation.  They said they would place an account trace to see what actually happened and investigate and email me results.  Several weeks later no answer and now the full cost of new phone shows up on bill with 24 payments and no credit!  Tried to get ahold of support on worthless chat again and they say it is what is.  and chat disconnects.  All I want is a valid number to an actual person that can look into my dispute of being disappointed out of a perfectly working XR to an iphone 13 with the thought if it actually being free.  Verizon support options are going downhill.  Another complaint about chat, I have talked to several agents due to losing connection and having to start over, they have record of all my conversations, why does nobody notice the issues or call me back with the history of this situation, clearly they do not care about their customers

Can someone provide a real number to a real person that can actually do something 

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