iphone 13 shipping and delivery delays
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It's been three weeks since Verizon took our money for new phones and still nothing to show for it. No indications on the website or when making the purchase that these particular phones were on back order.  No updates since then in support. It took Verizon an hour+ on chat to confirm the order had been completed in December, then they said it would ship January 7, but that deadline has come and gone.

As of today still no indication in the online shop that these phones (iphone 13) are not available to ship immediately.

If something isn't going to ship immediately just say so, allow customers to reserve and make payment when it's available, notify of changes in shipping date by text or email.

Bottom line: if you need to replace a phone quickly don't rely on the Verizon website or customer service to give you reliable information. 

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Re: iphone 13 shipping and delivery delays
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Having the exact same issue with a 13 pro order. Order placed on 12/03/21 and it's just stuck in processing. Chat took FOREVER to get no answers by the end. It's the worst order tracking and customer support I've ever experienced. Our local Verizon store has done their best to help, but not able to. I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of visibility to Apple supply chain delays. They just have no information. What's misleading is when they give you a ship date of 12/29 and that date passes and no more updates after that. The only thing the store tells me is just wait and be patient. By the time the phone comes in the "new" iPhone is so "new" anymore. It's ridiculous.