iphone 14 pro apps not connecting to internet or network
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I just traded in my iphone 12 pro for the 14 pro.  Ive had alot of issues with apps connecting to the internet. Ive trouble shooted with verizon several times and with apple.  Verizon had me turn off screen time and it seemed to help with some apps. They work fine connected to my wifi but not when connected to 5G or any other wifi but mine.  For example, using the Stocks App, the stocks load but not the news feed.  Other apps say not connected to the internet.  Ive been on hold waiting for expert level 2 help. But its been 40 minutes and I doubt they will answer.Any suggestions.

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Jas62, we are sad to read that you are having issues with your service! We can not have this happening. Thanks for your patience. We'll send a private note in order to follow up this case.