iphone 5 problems with IOS 10.1.1

After updating to IOS 10.1.1, my iphone 5 would not send or receive calls.  I could still text, use cellular data, and use wireless.  I took it to the Verizon store, where they did a network settings reset and replaced the SIM card.  When that did not work, they told me my only option was to purchase a new phone.  I called Verizon tech support (twice) and Apple support (twice), and they took me through a number of exercises, all of which proved to be ineffective.  Verizon then advised that I would need to do a hard reset, which would erase all of my contacts, pictures, videos, text message, and notes.  I spent a tremendous amount of time trying to back everything up to iTunes and iCloud, but even with Verizon tech support help, never got it all backed up (Notes).  I finally just did the "Reset All Settings".  THAT FIXED THE PHONE PROBLEM.  And after all that work trying to back things up, the hard reset did not even delete any of my data.

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