iphone 7 plus case.... What are you getting?
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My iphone 7 plus isn't supposed to be delivered to early October, but I want to figure out what case to get now.  I currently use a lifeproof case and while I have had to file a warranty claim (or two) It has protected my phone from a cracked screen from the hundreds of times that I have dropped it.  From my research it could be months before lifeproof comes out with a case for the iphone 7 plus.  So I need suggestions on what are the best cases for handling drops?  Also, do you typically invest in the screen protectors if the case does not already have on as part of the case?


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Re: iphone 7 plus case.... What are you getting?
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We certainly want to see your awesome new phone stay safe and sound! http://www.vzw.com/accessories is a great resource to see all available options that we offer. This site includes product reviews and user generated questions to help you make an educated decision on a new case.

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Re: iphone 7 plus case.... What are you getting?
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I've always had success with Otterbox cases. The Defender is the more bulky one but extremely durable. But even the slimmer Otterbox options have been outstanding for me. I've never bothered with glass screen protectors so I cant really comment on those.

Re: iphone 7 plus case.... What are you getting?
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Urban Armor Gear makes great cases. I've been using them for years.