iphone XS Max poor voice quality

Everytime I get a call, the persons words on the other end will either repeat like a broken record or will slow down like you're slowing down a record from playing. That's the only way I know to describe it.  Everything else on my phone works fine. 

Any suggestions?  And of course, I don't have insurance 😞 

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Re: iphone XS Max poor voice quality
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@kchittam1 ,


While a talking phone is always good to have, one that sounds clear and legible is even better. There's a lot more we'd need to know on this, as it's a bit too early to give a proper conclusion, but o you recall if anything happened to the phone when this first started, like an accidental fall/drop? If you were to use the Voice Recorder on the phone to record something to play back, does the recording also sound like your calls? How do you sound to the other person when this happens?