iphone contact verizon error cannot enable wifi calling
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My service provicer is usmobile which uses verizon as the carier, 2020 SE iphone.  I had been using wifi calling but accidentally turned it off.  Immediately tried to re-enable wifi calling but it fails because of "to allow wifi calling on this accout contact verizon" error.  I have no connection with verizon. USmobile cannot figure out how to fix this and although I see similar entries for this issue (but with verizon service) I could not find fixes for it. Please direct me to a fix or tell me what to do.  Parking under local tower with 4 bars still failed.

Leaving country for 6 months in a few days and my only phone was going to be wifi so am totally hosed unless I get a fix. Been working o this for 10 hours over 4 days with usmobile.  thank you

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