iphone missing in transit; no one responsible

I purchased the iphone 12 mini; love the phone but the camera freezes and will not unfreeze to allow photos to be taken.  Took a couple of weeks and over 8 hours of tech support to finally come to the conclusion I needed a new phone.  Rather than replace the phone on the spot, I had to have a "repaired" phone sent to me to replace the NEW phone I just bought.  Tech support assured me I would have it the next day by 8 pm.  That was 5 days ago.  Fedex says the phone is in Memphis.....somewhere.  Verizon says not their problem, they got it to Fedex.  Lady I talked to at Verizon today said she was creating something for a process to occur and would call me back.  That was 5 hours ago.  Frustration is putting it mildly, no one cares and I'm out the price of new phone.  Very upset and disappointed in Verizon's lack of response or concern.

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Re: iphone missing in transit; no one responsible
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Hello tjmoore2594,


I rely on my phone every day and would be concerned too if I were having any issues with it. We are saddened to hear of the experience you have had with us recently. When we honor the manufacturers warranty, we replace the device with a Certified Like-New Replacement phone. This is something that can only be shipped from a central warehouse. Unfortunately, there are times where a package has issues with reaching its destination. We do have processes in place to help with this, however. From what you have shared, this is what sounds like happened for you when you last spoke with us. The investigation team can take 3-5 business days to complete their review. Have you heard back from the agent who initially filed this for you? Is the tracking information still showing the same details?