iphone11 frozen screen

My phone is frozen.  I can use find my iPhone because I forgot my password.  I clicked reset password and a text was sent to my iPhone.  Really!  My phone is frozen.  It displays a black screen with the Apple logo.  I called Verizon Tech support and was told to log into iTunes and then connect my phone to my computer.  Press the volume up button, Press the volume down button.  Hold the off button for 15 seconds, then while holding the off button, press the volume down button and hold for 7 seconds.  Release the off button, and continue holding the volume down button for 10 seconds.  Restore will iPhone will appear on the computer screen.  I clicked restore and received prompt software needs to be updated on your iOS device.  I click update software.  Downloading appears on the screen.  It appears as if software is downloading...  After 10-15 minutes of downloading, the screen disappears showing the iTunes home screen.  The face on my iPhone goes back to the black screen with the Apple logo.  I cannot turn the phone on or off.  I cannot get rid of the black screen with the Apple logo.

So...  I visited my local Verizon store.  Was made to stand outside in the rain by security while she get someone to assist me.  I'm thinking they are really busy.  Zero customers were in the store just security and four Verizon Agents inside.  One agent came outside, asked me a series of questions in the rain.  He didn't ask for my cell number, account number, just a series of questions.  He then proceeded to leave me outside while he consults with his manager.  Another customer drives up and stands behind me.  She had an appointment.  They immediately ushered her in.  Oh, I didn't know you had to have an appointment.  Ok, he eventually comes back and invite me inside.  Only to say, I spoke with my manager and it's nothing we can do.  Wow!!  Have been a customer of Verizon since 1995 and never experienced customer service like this.  So I'm reaching out to the Verizon Community.  Is there any that can assist?  Or has insight??

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