keep unlimted plan!!!!


I have a smartphone with unlimited data plan, and contract was expired last summer. 

And my mom has a old flip phone. Her contract also expired long time ago.

I'd like to have Iphone 5, but I don't want to lose unlimited data plan.  Somebody told me I can use my  mom's upgrade

to keep my unlimted plan.  Can I really do that?  I have a Iphone5 and she is still using her old phone.

Please help me.  Thank you

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Re: keep unlimted plan!!!!
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There are numerous threads on this, but yes you can use  your mom's upgrade. The debate seems to be in the best way to go about it. I would suggest ordering/purchasing it on her account and then contacting VZW (if you end up ordering it) to complete the transfer of device to your account. If you do it in store then you can have them do it there with both of you at the store. You can search this forum for the other suggestions/experiences that have been posted repeatedly to help you pick the best method (the one I suggested may not be the easiest so checking will help you out).