live streaming issues

With the virus, my church decided to live stream on facebook, and put my son in charge--a millennial is a perfect choice.  To help out, I switched carriers to Verizon and got him a refurbished iphone 11.  All is good, right?  Perfect weather out, 2 bars, the facebook live streaming kept cutting off.  Yet, the older lady with her iphone did the exact thing, and NEVER has problems streaming.  He tried switching to the church wifi and it still kept cutting off.  He tried both verizon and the hotspot on my refurbished iphone 7 and kept cutting off, all while this lady is happily streaming away as usual.  The pastor is not happy and asks why we have problems when this lady doesn't.  We can't give him an answer. I can't get through to verizon's tech support.  HELP!

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