lost cell service

I havea 2020 SE that has been working fine for years.  Ever since I uodated my IOS to 17 , I keep losing connection to  cell service which prevents outgoing and incoming texts.  Yes I have WiFi calling on.  The fix is to shut the phone off and restart.  It sometimes works when I switch airplane on then off.  When I do this the cell bars go from zero to two or three.  It is kind of annoying.

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Re: lost cell service
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Oh no, we rely on having connection that is consistent.  You are having to take many extra steps just to stay connected.  Let's look deeper into this.  To understand, we are working with an iPhone SE 2020, since IOS to 17 connection with service became an issue impacting your texts.  Other than switching airplane mode on/off any other troubleshooting steps performed?  Where are you located?  Have you updated to IOS 17.2?  What is your storage?