misguided and disappointed
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I am a Verizon customer for years, I have a family plan, I am disappointed with the wrong advice and information provided by customer service which cost me to lose 500$ and my wife phone.

I added my wife to my family plan and we choose an offer to trade in my wife's phone Galaxy S 9+, the agent in Verizon store examined the phone and entered the phone descriptions in his system then gave us a package to ship the phone to Verizon, he confirmed that the phone is eligible for the 500 $ offer.

Later I received an email from Verizon informing me that the company will pay only 84$ for the phone, I called the company and spoke with 2 agents the confirmed that it was the Verizon employee mistake and they will fix it and I am still eligible for 500$ trade-in even one of them review the phone's pictures and found a scratch on the corner but I will get the 500, but I have to wait till the bill is issued after 3 weeks.

when the bill is final I called the company and they canceled my trade-in and said the previous 2 agents were wrong, I have to pay for the full price of the I phone, and I can not get my old phone back.

I am disappointed and angry, how 2 customer service agents makes these mistakes, gave me false information about my offer, and made me wait for 3 weeks so I lost my opportunity to cancel my purchase, when I spoke to a supervisor he was rude and said this is my problem not the 2 agents issues.


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