new iphone SE was delivered but not in package

i ordered an iphone SE over the phone with a verizon CSR on 11-29-23 along with a case and a air pad charger. i received the package on 12-1-23 through fedex and i had to sign for it. the package had the security tape and did not look like it was tampered with at all. when i opened the package the iphone SE was not there but the other 2 items were. also the invoice showed there was supposed to be 3 items delivered including iphone. did verizon forget to send this? i did chat with a verizon assistant who could not verify what happened. my existing phone has a bad battery and this is a big inconvenience. lesson learned i should have did this at the verizon store instead of having it mailed to me. i have been with verizon for 10 years and my first order gets botched up. big disappointment. will verizon take care of this for me or will they charge me for a phone i did not receive?

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Re: new iphone SE was delivered but not in package
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Hello Brentkfl. I'm so sorry your phone has not arrived. We will send a private note to further asisst today.-Joe