not receiving MFA codes
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  • I could not get MFA codes for bank and taxes etc. Spent literally days and hours on phone with Verizon tech to level 3. After I pulled out all my beautiful long hair, I had a fit and yanked the sim card out. Turned the phone off for several minutes. Turned phone on and logged in. Then went to settings and then sim settings. Saw indeed no signal or sim. So plugged the sim back in and starred at the screen to watch like cooking in the microwave. All of a sudden I was getting over 100 texts from all the missed texts and MFA requests.

Hope this resolves many folks issues and saves those lovely locks for some else.


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Re: not receiving MFA codes
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Hi, kmberscreations. This is never the experience we want you to have when working with us and we are determined to resolve this issue. We appreciate your efforts in sharing your experience on our community forum. Just to double check, are you still experiencing these issues on your account? We are ready and eager to assist.