promo credits still missing even after a year almost

I purchased the iPhone XR online with the $300 off deal - with the discount supposed to be given over 24 months bill credits. And this is shown in the order confirmation. The deal is eligible for monthly device and full retail price payments.

Its been almost a year and still no credit !! 

Made several calls and chats with customer service.

Every time the billing representatives say they are filing some PCA form and tell to wait for 2-3 billing cycles !?! Then no result. Some even promise to call back but don’t. 

Apparently an "offline" team handles these and they are not reachable and no communication/feedback.

I opened a line only for this deal.

The order was done online and receipt clearly shows the discount. This has been missed by the billing system.

Will the Verizon team seeing this will do something and get me my discount?



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