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I recently switched from spectrum to Verizon under the switch and get up to 800$ or 1000$ to pay last installment payoff. My last payment is only supposed to be 299.99$ but when i turned in my information online the first time I turned in a bill from spectrum but their name wasn't on the top of that specific bill so it was deemed invalid. The day I received this update i immediately uploaded about 5 bills with all needed information (MTN, Customer Name, payoff amount, etc.) and after about 3 weeks it still hadn't been updated so I called the helpline. After around an hour and 20 minutes I was finally connected to the rebate team who looked at my bill and deemed it valid but said they did not have the ability to escalate the issue to be looked at manually because apparently the automatic system wouldn't read spectrum mobile bills in their current format. He stayed on the phone with me and called a customer support agent to escalate this situation, but that agent was probably new or something because they didn't know how to escalate- and after about 20 minutes of silence, he said that he escalated it and that I would receive an email in two weeks. It's been over two weeks now, and I still have not received any update on the site or through email like he said I would be. I still really need help; I'm dealing with recently having a wreck and all the financial issues that come with totaling a car. I need to put money in my account without worrying that spectrum is going to take money out of my deductible because Verizon hasn't taken care of their new customer. Please, please help me as soon as possible. I'm not trying to be difficult or mean, I just need a manual look on my resubmissions because Spectrum Mobile sets their bills up to be hard to switch to new companies and Verizon's automatic system won't read my submissions correctly.   

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