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Why can I NOT get ringback tones from the online Media Center???  I'm getting a message that says it's not supported on my device.  My son has the same phone and he can do it.

This is very frustrating.  I pay a lot of money to own this phone and I can't even get my own stinking ringback tone!!!

Anybody have a clue?

Thanks for your help!!

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Re: ringback tones
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You can contact Verizon to verify this but it is my understanding that you have to manage ringback tones for the iPhone via My Verizon on the computer...I might have that wrong but there have been threads addressing this. You can try searching the forum or you can contact Verizon and get the answer. You also have the option of asking your son since you say he has the same phone and can do it (I assume he is also a VZW customer. Otherwise, whatever method he uses wouldn't apply to you anyway).