trade in credit issue 9 months after trade in
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on 8/30/22 I initiated a trade in of my flip phone 3 to a 4.  I had to pay off $611 on my Flip 3 in order to qualify for the $800 trade in value.  I sent in the 3 within the required time frame and began receiving my $22 per month credit toward my $29 a month  payment for the new phone.  9 MONTHS later I got an email saying I missed the promotional period and would only receive $245 for my trade in.  I called 611 and was told it was a mistaken email and to just ignore it and I would continue to receive my $22 credit.  The rep even sent me an email with a link to my next bill showing the $22 credit will continue to post.  The next day, however, my account was charged  $222.28 and my promotional credit of $22 was removed while still charging me the $29 monthly payment for the Flip 4.  I'm guessing this is just a delay in processing my trade in on Verizon's part but I can't seem to get it fixed.  If this is not fixed I will have to pay $1670 for a Flip 4!?  It's crazy they would wait 9 months then pull this.  I would have never traded up my Flip 3 if I knew all this was going to happen.  I'm a veteran and have been a Verizon customer for 20 years.  How can I get this fixed??  

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We're sorry to read about the experience with your trade in credits and we would like to take a look. We've sent you a private note. ~Peter