transfer ios 12 content to ios 13 new device.
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A new iPhone 11 Pro, presumably running iOS 13.  An old iPhone 6 running latest available iOS 12 for that release. iCloud backup for iPhone 6 is kept current.  Verizon's instructions for transferring data old->new using iCloud backup ( says, in part: "Both devices must have the same iOS version."  Punt.

I presume that (a) this sentiment is only the usual "not made here" syndrome and that (b) a restore from iCloud will Just Work (r) as Apple is usually pretty good at this stuff.  But I thought I'd ask anyway:

Has anyone out there migrated their existing, older data from iCloud on to an 11 Pro and done so successfully?




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It appears that the One True Path is described at:

I'll find out how well QuickStart works.

This page wasn't very helpful at all:



no, they don't need same ios, just did the same from 6+ to 8+.

you have the 12 backed up, side by side, start setup on 13, connect wi-fi, sign in to apple, get verification.

backup new from last icloud backup.