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After 8 years...

Like he title says... I've been a Verizon customer for 8 years. I've never once had any payment problems that caused our account to be suspend. I think we've made partial payments after the due date 2 times in the whole 8 years. I have always had good reception... a dream scenario for provider & customer alike. Well, my kids are growing up & moving on & doing their own accounts now. May daughter has stayed w/ VZW, but my son has decided to switch to T-Mo cuz he gets a $15/mo cheaper bill w/ the same Unltd Talk/Txt & gets 500MB/mo instead of the 300MB w/ Verizon. He even tried it for a couple weeks to make sure the service would work for him, and it does, so good for him, right?... only thing is, he wants to keep his number. Here's where things get messy...

our bill cycle ends on the 4th, and his #'s contract ends on the 10th. If he cancels before the end of contract, the ETF gets billed next month. If he cancels on the 10th, we get billed for another month of service. His contract is based off a basic phone we got him on 6/10/11, but he bought a Smartphone about 6 months ago & has been paying Smartphone rates, so the "subsidized cost of device" has been paid off in full and then some. So I called Customer Service & explain the situation, asking, "Hey, my son's making a simple change, I've been with you for a long time & I'm staying with you myself... can you guys let him port out here in the next couple days & waive the ETF when it comes out?

...I bet you can guess what the answer was! But just in case you can't... THREE reps told me "Nope."

So I said "Fine.. what we'll do instead is cancel the line on the 10th & you guys waive the monthly charges."

Here's the unbelievable response: "Actually Richard, we don't prorate the final month of service."

My jaw dropped. "So you're telling me that after such a good run w/ your company, you're not only gonna stick me for the last 6 days of a contract, but that you're going to charge me for an additional 24 days that we're not even going to be using?"

That's where I'd had enough & had to hang up before I popped a freakin' blood vessel LOL. So now I'm here... maybe some Verizon rep will read this, contact me & make some attempt at getting done what I'm asking

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Re: After 8 years...
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Re: After 8 years...
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Here is a point to ponder. Verizon bills in advance. So if you leave on your bill closing date there is no monthly service to pay.

However if the contract end date is after the bill closing date then you eat the month. Kind of a catch 22

Contract end date being later if you leave you pay more in etf than month of service. Something to think about.

Good Luck