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Alarm acting up on Samsung Intensity III

The alarm since I got the phone has been testy. I noticed at first the alarm was delayed by a minute or two but did go off. I had no issues with it for the next week and a half. The alarm I set Sunday evening went off fine, but Monday and today (Tuesday) my morning alarm I have set for weekdays did not go off. It is set for 7am (for work) and once I was woken up and checked my phone, as soon as I unlocked the phone from sleep mode the alarm blared. I did a hard reset today and set an alarm for this evening and it went off. I don't know if it will work in the morning but I have it set.

Has anyone else had this particular issue (the alarm going off sometimes or only when you unlock the phone)? Is there a fix for this? I know I've read about some people having issues with the alarms on Samsung phones. My alarm is very important and I use it every day and when I go out of town for work. It's vital that my phone has a RELIABLE alarm. I can't have one that works on a coin flip. I'll have the phone for two weeks come Sunday and I'm already thinking I need to take the phone back to Best Buy and get another one.

Anyone have a suggestion for a phone that DOESN'T have alarm issues? I need a basic phone with a QWERTY keyboard.

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Re: Alarm acting up on Samsung Intensity III

On my month or so old Intensity 3 the alarm is clearly set correctly (and displays the red bar, etc) but ONLY rings when I wake up the phone from its sleep mode (or whatever you want to call the almost all the time that the display is not backlit).  Of course this makes the alarm useless.  The difficult to use keyboard I can tolerate but not this ;-( .


Re: Alarm acting up on Samsung Intensity III

I posted this solution in another post and am sharing it around wherever I find people asking about it since I seem to be the only person who has found something that might be the cause/solution.

I never had any issues with the alarm until a couple of weeks ago.  Then my alarm stopped going off and I overslept for a couple of important things.  The only thing I could identify that had changed was the wall power plug I was plugging the charging cable into.  The new plug was a generic multi-USB adapter.  When I started using that, the alarm clock stopped working after about a year of having no trouble.  I also noticed the clock time would show as many hours off as others have indicated as though the phone had gone into some kind of sleep mode.  When I switched back to the original wall plug I was using, which is a Samsuing plug from an older phone I had, my alarm clock started working properly again, the clock has been correct and I haven't had any other issues.

My guess is that there is an issue with the phone relating to how it handles differences in the power it gets from the charging cables.  If it isn't getting exactly what it needs, it causes the phone to go haywire.

The plug I am using which works fine for me is the Samsung Travel Adapter, model ETA0U60JBE.  I've seen them on eBay and Amazon for cheap.  Also worth noting, I am using the USB cable that came with the phone.

Hopefully this tip can help solve the problem for someone out there, even though the issue has been around a long time and many people who had the issue may have moved on to new models by now.