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Backup Assistant Plus: only some contacts are setup to sync with phone

I can see in my contacts online that only certain ones have a "sync" icon by them which tells me that only they are setup to sync or push down to my phone.  Also those contacts without the little sync icon are in fact not being downloaded or pushed to my phone.  I can't seem to find any way to "add" the little sync icon to a contact, so it will sync with my phone.  I've tried factory resetting my Samsung Convoy.  I've tried looking all over the Backup Assistant website to flag it as a sync-able contact.  Any ideas?

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Re: Backup Assistant Plus: only some contacts are setup to sync with phone
Customer Support

Hi there Jam1e!

It sounds like the contacts that are syncing are ones that are stored as phone contacts in your device.  There may be other contacts synced from other sources such as Google Contacts (Gmail), Facebook, etc. These will not be imported into Backup Assistant Plus unless they are added manually.  Here's a link to a helpful FAQ about Backup Assistant Plus:

I hope that answers your question.  Please let me know if you have any others.


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