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Backup Assistant tells me my PIN is invalid, but it's not?

Ok so, I am upgrading my LG Octane to an iPhone, and I am trying to use Backup Assistant on my Octane before I switch over, so I can transfer all of my contacts. Heres the problem: I have tried to run BUA MULTIPLE TIMES but it keeps telling me that I have entered an invalid pin, even though I called customer support and they gave me the correct PIN number.. So then, I tried to delete it and re-install it. I removed the app, but SOMEHOW I can still run it under the "contacts" menu on the navigator. Then it tells me I need to re-install Backup Assistant BUT BACKUP ASSISTANT ISNT EVEN AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD!!!! SO NOW, WHEN I TRY TO RUN BUA,  it says "The mobile # for this phone has changed. Press "OK" to update your Backup Assistant account." So I press OK BUT THEN IT TELLS ME THAT MY PIN NUMBER IS INVALID!

I am beyond furious right now and I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out!!!!!

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Re: Backup Assistant tells me my PIN is invalid, but it's not?

I just dealt with this with my mom's phone; I'd given her my old one so the phone # was different.  The mistake is in hitting OK... DO NOT update the account.  Back out, remove the app.  THEN look and see if it's gone and re-install it.  That's what worked for us...

Re: Backup Assistant tells me my PIN is invalid, but it's not?

Yes, I did something similar to Medic. In fact, I called the Verizon Help Center, and here is what they suggested that I do. Make sure that you already have the PIN number written down.

  1. Go to the Main Menu.
  2. Go to Media Center.
  3. Go to Browse and Download.
  4. Open Backup Assistant.
  5. Using the left soft key, open options, then select Help and open it.
  6. Now, enter the following. The screen itself will not change at all:   * 7 3 7 3 8 3 #
  7. If done correctly, this should exit the program. Although the program still appears in the Browse and Download menu, it should be effectively uninstalled.
  8. Power off and then power back on your phone.
  9. Reopen the Backup Assistant as before, and you should have the option to "restore". The old PIN number should still work.

I hope this works for you! I know it worked for me!