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Backup assistant does not accept PW

Backup assistant does not accept password. I have checked the password several times both on the phone and on line so there is no error here. I have also changed my password several times and this did not help. 

Currently if I check my password on line and enter it on the phone it does not work.

What should I do next?


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Re: Backup assistant does not accept PW
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I have dealt with this issue several times and believe I can provide some insight to yoru problem.  If you put in the password 3 times incorrectly, Backup Assistant will be locked for 15 minutes.  So even if you have the correct password, after 3 incorrect attempts, it will tell you that the password is wrong (even though it's correct).  If more than 15 minutes have passed, and it says the password is still incorrect, delete the program.  


Do step #4 only if the contacts that you need are stored in your phone:


1) Remove Backup Assistant (Menu> Media Center (or Get It Now)> Browse & Download (or Tools on the Go)> highlight Backup

    Assistant> choose options> cancel subscription.

2) Redownload Backup Assistant by either clicking on the pre-installed link in Media Center (depends on phone), or choose "Get

     New Applications."  Install Backup Assistant. Note: Downloading Backup Assistant will charge data according to your data


3) After Backup Assistant installs, it should walk you through the setup when you run the program.  When you run the program, if

     it recognizes your number, it will ask for the PIN. If you are unsure of the PIN, press # to have it displayed on your phone.  Enter     in the PIN ONLY 1 time. This should restore your contacts.  If not, proceed to step 4. 

4) If and only if all the contacts that you need are stored in the phone, you can set yourself up as a new subscriber.  It will erase

     previous backups of your contacts and back up what's currently in your phone.  Press the # key 2X from the PIN entry screen to      be set up as a new subscriber.  


This should resolve any software issues with Backup Assistant on your phone.  Let me know if that takes care of things. 


Re: Backup assistant does not accept PW

I have a Prepaid Gusto. I have lost my pass code for my backup assistant. I tried to get my pass word but it sends me a 313 error code. I tried to uninstall but cancel subscription is not one of the options. Any advice on how i can get my pass code or uninstall the backup assistant?

Re: Backup assistant does not accept PW
Customer Support

Good Afternoon doubledeuce_9. Please contact Prepay customer service at 888-294-6804.

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