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Basic Phones - Samsung Gusto 2 Prepaid vs Retail

I've been waiting for the inevitable chat option to pop up, but it hasn't.  So, I'll ask here.  My husband has a smartphone (along with the smartphone price) and since he NEVER uses anything but the bluetooth and possibly the camera, with an occasional text (when I'm helping him), it's time to downgrade to a basic phone for him.  The specs and reviews on this phone (outside of Verizon) are actually pretty good.  Now, here's the dilemma.  Since we already have a contract (his expires Dec. 15 of this year), is there a problem with buying this phone to use on his current line?  I mean...really...Verizon wants $149 retail, but you can buy it on Amazon (NEW) for $24.99 or Best Buy (NEW) for $19.99.  However, both are listed as "Prepaid" so what is the difference?

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Re: Basic Phones - Samsung Gusto 2 Prepaid vs Retail
Customer Support

Hi Dallaslady!  I am happy to go over options for purchasing your husband the Samsung Gusto 2 device!  I do understand your position in choosing a basic model device for him, considering how he uses his device.

The prepaid version of this model device, if purchased new, will only work on a prepaid service plan.  The device would have to be active continuously for at least 6 months on prepaid service prior to being eligible for post pay service.  However, the current online pricing for the Samsung Gusto 2 is only $49.99 (2 year contract pricing, which includes an instant online discount of $50.00)  If you purchase the device in a Verizon Wireless corporate store location or over the phone with customer service, the 2 year contract price is $99.99.  Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.  Thanks!

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