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Blank and scrambled texts

I have been having an increasing issue with my phone where many incoming messages will be completely blank, or scrambled words and letters. This makes having text conversations very difficult. I have already come to the conclusion that emojis create havoc for my old phone, but now it seems like even the simplest texts are having the same issues. My friend who is on a Pixel 2 just tested apostrophes and quotation marks and they seem to be coming in fine. Some people had mentioned that could cause issues. It looks like the problem is mainly coming from iOS devices. The problem has gotten really bad in the last couple of months. It also could have coincided with the rest of the people on my plan getting iPhones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am getting pretty tired of texting people apologies about text messages being blank. Just for the record my phone is a Samsung Alias 2. Thanks.

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Re: Blank and scrambled texts

I wonder if might be worth considering if it time to upgrade the phone. The CDMA network is scheduled to be sunset in a couple years and Verizon does sell LTE basic phones now. I also wonder if the new LTE basic phones would handle the text messages from smartphones better than the older CDMA ones.

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Re: Blank and scrambled texts
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We understand that your situation is frustrating. A text message is a very popular way to communicate nowadays. I think the suggestion form the community to upgrade your phone is a great next step. There are additional features and effects that are not compatible with your phone. Is there a reason you do not want a smartphone or even upgrade your current phone?



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Re: Blank and scrambled texts

The reason I don't want to upgrade is because I can't afford the cost of a new smartphone or the monthly fees that are associated with one.

Re: Blank and scrambled texts

I recently bought a Samsung Alias 2 from e-bay just over a month ago & was having the same problem with some random & intermittent texts from various people coming across blank, no text.   (didn't have a problem with scrambled text though)  .  I called Verizon tech support & got a great guy on the phone that said he didn't think the main problem was the phone itself, and he reset the texting app on his end in the hopes that would fix it.  Great news is that appears to have fixed the problem, as it hasn't happened since then. Hopefully you'll read this & can call tech support & have them also reset yours like they did with mine & hopefully fix your problem.  Blank and scrambled texts​@ petercubic